Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hugh Low Bridge, The New Look

The progress of Hugh Low Bridge has been shared few times in this blog, saying goodbye to the bridge before it was closed / demolished, it's half way under construction and after reopen for traffic upon main structure work completed. Today the new bridge appeared to be the most beautiful one in Ipoh despite some final touch up works (mainly illumination facilities) still yet to be done. Well, I feel like not to write too much to describe but the photos shall speak better than my sentences.

Viewing through the tower

Inside the tower

Looking towards Old Town on the street

East bank south side

Looking towards New Town at south side

West bank north tower

Viewed from west bank underpass

Looking towards New Town at north side

The overview


  1. You and the people of your city must be very proud of this new bridge because it is beautiful.

  2. What a spectacular bridge - thanks for showing all its grand architectural details!
    regards from EAGAN daily photo

  3. Thank you. Yes I think many people will like it and hope it will be well maintained. :-)

  4. Looks like some scene from Venice but missing the gondolas. Perhaps the govt should recreational sampan ride... :)

  5. Yes, I remember there was such proposal, if not mistaken, from the Kinta Riverfront project. Anyway I dont hope much, epsecially words from our politicians...

  6. I'm so relieved and glad that this project comes out just nice. Congrats to all parties involved. May you prosper with many more new projects to come.

    What the govt should do now is to deepen the Kinta river up by way of a coffer dam weir or something like that and then provide some kind of sampan or small boat rides for visitors to the riverfront. Rides can be as far as Kg Kepayang up river and Pengkalan Gate downriver.

    Of course the river banks need to be tidied up first in order for it to be attractive for tourism purposes.


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