Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Natural Scene on The Hill

Greenery is one of the most enjoyable things when hiking up to Kledang Hill. Sometimes the simple and humble thing could make us feel relax and calm. Colourful butterfly on the leaf, though an ordinary scene in the forest, it simply captures my eyes just because it is the beauty of nature.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful View on The Valley

It is undoubtedly the view from Klebang Hill (some called it Menglembu Hill, 万里望山) is the best location to overlook the entire city of Ipoh. You can enjoy a great scene of sun rising at dawn, or a clear view of the city during sun set. Unlike the previous photos of hazy valley that was taken in June 2012, today is a nice sunny day for capturing the detail of the city's man made structures but I just miss the beautiful Titiwangsa Range at background due to the cloudy condition.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ding Ding Candy

I thought it was a mistake when I see a young man in New Town selling "ding ding candy", which had been missing for years in Ipoh. I am sure many of us who born before 1980's know what is this. There must be someone out there still making and selling this, but I just couldn't find any in Ipoh, until today. Look at the old bicycle and broken umbrella, it is completely nostalgic where it seems not belong to modern day. I believe he is peddling around dim sum street (Leong Sin Nam Street) and beansprout chicken street (Yau Tet Shin Street). Try your luck to look for him and you may be able to regain the taste of your childhood.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flight Path Above

I love to look at the great blue sky in sunny days. And I often see aeroplanes flying across, sometimes not one but few at the same time. Ipoh is not a bright spot in aviation map because the city's airport only serves very limited flights (probably just one or two). However, the sky above Ipoh seems to be busy with many commercial jets passing by. Even if I don't see it directly, the passed by aeroplane would draw lines in the sky just like the photo below.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Evening Storm from North

The sky turns dark in the evening and I was chased by the rain which from north while on my way to an appointment. When arriving Kinta City, I found the storm has drenched the northern part of the city and approaching rapidly. Anyway, this is going to cool the earth down and bring us a refreshing night for a nice sleep.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Greenhouse Morning

Wake up in a cloudy morning, the atmosphere is warm and humid. The heat accumulated for days is captured under the layer of cloud making the environment so uncomfortable. Objects near the horizon are seen to be blur because of the polluted air that could not escape. We are now feel like living in a giant greenhouse.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fish and Fish

This is something funny I saw in Old Town this morning. I wonder whether the real fish (salted fish?) or the fish kite (koinobori) is more popular. Anyway, it could be a little weird to hang the fishes on pedestrian walkway and it doesn't seem to be hygiene to do so.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle of Flags and Banners

The nation's 13th General Election is just around the corner followed by the dissolution of Parliament on Wednesday. Each political party is now competing to promote themselves on radio, television, newspaper, social network, and so on. Apparently flags and banners on the street are also one of the most popular ways to remind voters about their existence. This election will be the toughest in Malaysia history because of the close equality in supporting power from the people making it the most possible time where switch of ruling party in Federal Government would take place since the country gained its independence 56 years ago. The great desire of change is a result of "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Friday, April 5, 2013

Multi-Purpose Shop House

Rental of downtown shop houses could be a burden for those who wish to run small business. However, there is always an opportunity if alternative way is found. Instead of picking up the cost of renting entire shop house, it can be shared among few occupants. So far this prewar shop at Osborne Street is having the most occupants that I have seen. This is a brilliant idea and it could provide more varieties of food & local product for visitor or tourist at one spot. It can even become an uniqueness of Ipoh city to improve the tourism industry.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

View from Seri Kinta Building - Part 2

From the rear window at east wing elevator access of Seri Kinta Building, part of Old Town is seen when looking towards south, and Kinta Heights appears to be the most outstanding building. However, it's a drawback of blurred vision at background due to the hazy atmosphere. Anyway, I still manage to recognize a huge building from far despite heavy haze, the Aeon Station 18 shopping mall (in second photo). When shifting my view to southeast, part of New Town (Hugh Low Street, Chamberlain Road) is in sight. Soon we will see twin towers of The Majestic rise from the middle of third photo.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

View from Seri Kinta Building - Part 1

I am always searching for a nice spot to shoot Ipoh skyline from higher location. Today I reach top floor of Seri Kinta Building for the first time. As I am using the east wing elevator, it has restricted me at the east side access and the angle of view is pretty limited to north-northeast (from front window) & south-southeast (from rear window) of the city. These are some photos shooting towards northeast which see part of the New Town, Greentown at foreground and Bercham (MH Hotel, Bougainvillea Club), limestone hills at Tambun in background.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Gone In Front of Me

So finally it's gone right in front of me. It stays for another 3 months after my last post last December about this shop house when it was still in one piece. Since the day when metal sheets covering it, I know this moment will come. Looking at the scattered bricks, wood and iron beam, I can imagine how hard it was built during those days when heavy machinery still not available in town.

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