Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rainbow City is Back

Rainbow City was a famous name in Ipoh back in 1990's. It was a night club which occupied the previous Odeon cinema. However, it had closed down decades ago and those night clubs follow its step also ended up ceasing business. The building was then left vacant for years. Recently, the old Odeon building is resurrecting, but not a night club anymore, just an ordinary food court. Anyway, this time Rainbow City is back, named after the first night club in this building. The hawker street opposite to it has been operating since Rainbow City Night Club time (around 1986), and therefore the locals used to call it Rainbow City hawker street. Just that after closure of this night club, people start to name the hawker street as "Desert Street" because of the famous local desert. Only those at age above 30 would remember Rainbow City.
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