Sunday, August 7, 2016

Restored and Move Forward

I have posted several times about this building, back in 2009 and May this year. From the very beginning as a hotel during the years when I wasn't exist in this world, to the fast food restaurant in 1980's (Gandy's, any Ipoh folks still remember?), to electrical appliances shop. The cycle of getting abandoned and occupied had been repeated several times. This building has gone through ups and downs, and recently just being restored again to become a supermarket. Amazingly, the new owner appreciates the building original architecture pretty well, where it is repainted to outline the window frames and the embossed old Chinese characters on its facade. I hope the building will be continuously well-maintained and I am sure this is one of the masterpieces in Ipoh that worth to be preserved for our future generations.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Sky Painting

You may think this photo has been edited of its color, but it is not. The color of the sky was truly awesome when I snap this photo. Reflection of sunlight by the clouds during sun set would create all kinds of unexpected amazing painting in the sky.
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