Saturday, December 4, 2010

FMS Undergoing Renovation - The 500th Post

FMS bar & restaurant has been closed for renovation for more than a year. The building was initially looked like abandoned for quite some time and many worried of its fate. Luckily the renovation eventually start but the progress is slow. After several months it only come to the stage of replastering the building surface. It seems FMS will not open to the public again that soon. Anyway, I feel please to see the restoration has retained majority of the original design and even the partially done corridor looked good. One more thing I hope to see when it reopen is the cowboy door, you would see it in old photos of FMS before its closure. We can hardly find such cowboy door nowadays but as I only know that is another old restaurant at the junction of Clare Street & Osbourne Street (I don't know the name in English but in Chinese is 新情天) still have it.
I also feel grateful that Images of Ipoh has come to the 500th post since its establishment in Jan 2009. Although this is not a great achievement but the blog is certainly reaching an important milestone. I appreciated the support & comment from all readers, Images of Ipoh will continue to share the beautiful photos & stories of this lovely city.


  1. I regretted never been to this bar before. Anyway, congrats on your postings and being an ipoh born, this is a great to keep us updated on the hapennings back home. The feeling can be nostalgic too!

  2. Thank you & no worry Chris, when FMS back in business, we can still dine in anytime, although the original interior may not be there anymore, but i believe it will be still a great place to go.

  3. Shadows in the second photo are very interesting. It was a place of picture-perfect. My youngest sister had been a fan of the bar that she had her wedding photo shot there with the kind permission of the previous owner...
    ChunKee, what FMS stands for by the way?

  4. Looking forward to the next 500s

  5. Hi Ian, thanks alot for your support, i am looking fwd to hit the next 500th too :-)

    FMS is the short form for "Federated Malay States", established by the British government in 1895. The four states included in this federation were Pahang, Perak, Selangor & Negeri Sembilan. It lasted until 1946, joint with the Strait Settlements & Unfederated Malay States forming Malayan Union (strongly objected by locals), soon replaced by Federation of Malaya. FMS Bar & Restaurant, if not mistaken, was named to commemorate the establishment of Federated Malay States.

    Yes, I also agree the shadow on the corridor gives extraordinary effect. I used to snap photos of old shops corridor (or we also call it five-foot way) & this is the one i love most. Among these 3 photos here, the corridor is my favorite one.


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