Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy Sunday In New Town

From a street hawker to "private limited", Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken (老黄芽菜鸡) is now one of the most visited restaurant in Ipoh. During my childhood time, Ipoh was seen with street hawker everywhere. Osbourne Street & Yau Tet Shin Street were lined up with hawkers at night. One of them was selling "chicken slice hor fun" (鸡丝河粉). But came to year 1986, Ipoh Municipal Council enforced tidier town planning and ordered the street hawkers either to move into shop or food center. Most of the hawkers around Ipoh town gathered at current Rainbow City food center (indeed still operating along the street) while some moved into buildings. As a result, Ipoh streets suddenly went into deadly dull. However, after moving into this shop in Yau Tet Shin Street, the chicken slice hor fun begins it's branding journey as Lou Wong with the very special and tasty chicken, bean sprout & smoothy noodle. After years, people of Malaysia and even from overseas get to know about Lou Wong and the business seems non stop from evening through midnight. Recently it has adjusted the business hour to open during day time too. I also find Lou Wong has just replaced a brand new billboard today.
Once something getting famous, there will be duplications. Instead of more chicken bean sprouts along Yau Tet Shin Street, there are also many more neighbouring restaurants, which also offer very nice local food for long time. Together with shops selling local products, this area within the blocks of Clare Street, Theater Street, Yau Tet Shin Street and Osbourne Street is now a heaven of Ipoh delicious food & products. It used to be quite empty and silent around here during Sunday back in few years ago. But now it turns out to be among the most congested spots in Ipoh during weekend & holidays....

One thing that make the environment even more colourful is the balloons. I start to see this business growing in most of the crowded restaurant areas, such as Cantonese dim sum district, Leong Sin Nam Street and white coffee district, Leech Street.


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