Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Sunset After Rain

It was raining heavily throughout Ipoh in the afternoon. The Kledang Range is surrounded by thick clouds during sunset. I am lucky for being able to reach De Garden's car park roof level at the right time to witness this awesome scenery & amazed by the color changing of the sky.


  1. Wow nice set of photographs :) You really have a beautiful place to live with :)

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    and discover the beauty of the Philippines ;)

  2. Your photos have no watermarks. You should have to prevent plagiarsm

  3. Rob, Mandy & Biboy, thanks for the compliment! Hope you enjoy the photos :)

  4. Effendi, thanks for the suggestion. Will consider add in watermark in future.

  5. greetings chun kee,

    thank you for putting up the nice photos, they make me feel blessed to live in Ipoh :)... i think you have good eyes for beauty so get a good camera to capture them best..


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