Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funfair Nowadays

Funfair used to be very popular amusement center in Malaysia back in 1970's-80's. It's normally a mobile contingent that stays at one place for few weeks and then move to another location. The most iconic item must be the Ferris wheel which stands as tallest structure & decorated with colorful bulbs. And it was one of my favorites because this is the only chance I can view the surrounding at a higher spot. Other attractive features including merry-go-round (carousel), bumper car & pitching game stalls. However, children in modern days are more addicted in video game & other electronic amusement stuffs. Funfair like this attracts lesser and lesser visitor nowadays. I still remember the old days funfair practiced paid entry but now it's free & yet there it is not attracting big crowd.

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