Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heritage of "New Village"

In those years when British colonial government in Malaya still fighting the Malayan Communist, a huge population, mainly Chinese, at rural area had been regrouped to heavily guarded concentration camps nationwide. This was known as Brigg's Plan & these new settlements are called "New Villages". The immigrants had suffered so much for decades, especially the beginning years where they almost lost everything in their live. It has been more than 60 years & situation has completely changed after the Malayan Communist dismissed in 1989. Nowadays new villages are still Chinese community & there are about 10 located within the Ipoh city territory. Pasir Pinji is the largest among all & one of the closest villages to the city. Many houses have been rebuilt but we may still find pioneers like this. By looking at these old houses, I try to imagine how difficult was their live during the unrest period.

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  1. Looking at this, it reminds me of my maternal grandmother. A Chinese lady born in an Ipoh hospital in the late 1930s. Unfortunately, her family left her there and she was later adopted by my great grandparents who are Malay and later on settled in Singapore.

    Maybe her biological parents were extremely poor and already had many mouths to feed. They could've lived in similar houses.

    Am trying to trace her roots but its really difficult as we have no clue as to her real name, she doesn't even have a birth certificate.

    Was wondering if there are any genealogy centres in Ipoh where i can even begin conducting a search?

    Seems futile at this point.


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