Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Look of Birch Memorial Clock Tower

New look of the Birch Memorial Clock Tower at night is so charming. The renovation & refurbishment of the surrounding landscape is nearly completed. There is only decorative lighting yet to be installed & probably some trees to be planted. However, spotlight on the tower is done & when lighted on at night, it simply catches our eyes. I couldn’t hold myself to walk around the square few times & captured photos from different angle. And I find at a particular spot there are two towers appear in sight, one reflected by the glass wall of Public Bank building. How amaze is that, you will sure feel the beauty when you see it on site. There also I found a logo on ground at the staircase from Post Office Road (Jalan Dato’ Sagor) written “Ipoh Heritage Trail”. Apparently Birch Memorial Clock Tower is one of the highlighted landmark heritage buildings in the promotion of city’s historical trail.

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