Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Different Kinta River

Perhaps you can figure out the difference of Kinta River as seen today. Could we normally see the river bed of Kinta River? I believe most Ipoh citizens remember the muddy river that looked like milk tea but not the one we can see in this picture. I am wondering what has been done that make clearer water in Kinta River and whether this is a permenant condition or just appear in short term.


  1. Hope to see a crystal clear kinta river flowing thru ipoh city.... Tat would be the pride of Ipoh

  2. Kinta River still looked cleaner when I walked by the river bank during weekend. I think that's something to do with the rubber dam nearby Wisma Taiko & probably it's an effort of river beautification by the local authorities (and perhaps a joint effort with Morubina).


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