Sunday, February 6, 2011

PTTC Building at Sunset

When driving along the North-South Expressway passing by Jelapang toll plaza, one would sure find this high rise building beside the expressway. It is the Perak Techno Trade Center (PTTC) as the hub for information technology development by Perak State Government. Although the building has been completed about a decade, there is no obvious purpose or contribution was found and it is said the floor occupation rate is poor due to its location at suburb which has access to nearly nothing except some housing estates. Being part of the Meru Raya township, it is believed the state government built this tower as a landmark although it could end up become a white elephant structure. Despite the lousy government management, PTTC building is quite impressive with its unique appearance (somehow the upper part makes me feel like it's a devil). Today I capture the sunset reflection from its glass wall, which I find it looks like a giant LCD display.

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