Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Old Milestone

Milestone tells us the distance to a particular destination and it often appeared from town boundaries and outwards. It was the time when imperial system still applied, the milestone was really "milestone" where it displayed the distance in mile. After switching to use metric system nationwide and most of the countries around the world, milestone nowadays applies metric kilometer for distance. It was the time when Ipoh was not expanded like present, the town boundaries was within current city center and some old milestones would appear in town streets. Anyway, many have been removed that almost none can be found. However, at an unexpected location along Chamberlain Road roundabout, I find this old milestone standing lonely and no longer catching road user's attention. The "130" on it must be the distance in mile to Kuala Lumpur (approximately 209km) as this is the direction heading the capital. As we may not be able to find more this kind of milestone, I hope the authorities will not remove it but leave it as a souvenir for our coming generations.

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