Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pending for Tenant

This 3-storey shoplot on downstream of Brewster Road is restored and looked nice with its original decoration patterns. Obviously, it is much better looking than the adjacent shoplots that have been changing in appearance or fully rebuilt. On further right after the blue-white abandoned building, there are 3 shoplots that only remained with the front wall still exist. That is the site of a 7-storey hotel which was mentioned in this blog on 25-Apr-2009. I would say, fortunately the project does not kick off till today. Since boutique hotel operaing in heritage building is so attractive to tourist, especially foreign visitor, if I am the owner, I would maintain the 3-storey original building for the hotel and restore it just like this one in the photo. It would be much more charming & attractive.


  1. CK..This might not be the first time I heard you say, 'If I am the owner'. I wish it will happen to you one day!

  2. Thank you Ian, I hope it will come true one day. Anyway, I am now just a poor guy. That's why i can only say "if i am....".


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