Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another Defeat in Heritage Preservation

I couldn't believe this would happen so fast. Before I could post some other photos within the week, the damage on these shophouses has begin. As I have just mentioned in my last post on 30 November, there are not many block of pre-war shophouse in Ipoh downtown could remain entirely untouched. However, the current owner just do not appreciate the architecture of pre-war buildings, or having no interest to restore the old buildings and choose to tear them down. This is exactly the same "tragedy" which had happened to the shophouses which stood at Chung On Siew Street, current Ibis Style Hotel location, and the block of shops at Hume Street. If the wealthy corporates or business men continue to put aside the value of heritage building and destroying this evident that witnessed the city's growth, it will be meaningless when we tell our future generations & visitors about the history of Ipoh. Many would think that heritage preservation is just to maintain some of the well-known buildings. This is simply an excuse which equivalent to letting a tree remain while the entire forest is being wiped off.
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