Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Time to Say Goodbye

This is an older image of the row of shop at Chung On Siew Street. There could be nothing special about these shops except being vacant for some time. But it's a rare case in Ipoh to have no modern building appear in between the entire block of prewar shophouses. Famous director Ang Lee has choosen this street for film shooting of the movie "Lust, Caution" (色,戒) just because of the nostalgic shops. However, the shops are no longer survived. As reported in blog of Ipoh World, they are being brought down today. What a sad news to citizen of Ipoh that, again, heritage building is giving way for modern development. The value of heritage that drawn the attention of famous film direction is not appreciated by the locals. I am so depressed of this latest news and yet to have a chance to visit the shops for saying goodbye....
Please visit http://www.ipohworld.org/blog/?p=2235 for more detail.

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  1. Hi Chun Kee, I felt as sad as you are to read this bad news.

    I was not there to see it either but I wonder, did anyone make any protests? I mean the owners and the heritage buffs?

    Sad but not surprising given our goverment's lack of passion for heritage buildings, especially those with some British and Chinese designs. The authorities were so hell bent to erase the past and make some quick bucks in the process. You can called it "killing two birds with one stone."

    In the end, greed and bigotry won the day.


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