Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Ends of Hugh Low Street

Hugh Low Street is best known downtown street since a century ago. It currently stretches for about 2 kilometers from west to east across the town. The upper photo shows the portion close to one end in New Town while the lower photo is showing the Old Town portion that probably to be considered as the origin spot of Ipoh. Both photos are showing the last row of shophouse at each end but they were built almost half a century apart. I believe very few of the Ipoh citizen nowadays has witnessed the expansion of this township. Since the traffic converted into one-way flow in 1986, the street is basically serving motor vehicles than pedestrian, causing the shops suffer drastic business drop.


  1. Thanks for these photos, Chun Kee. Pictures of Hugh Low Street never failed to arouse home sickness in me. I am glad you still used the name Hugh Low Street instead of Jalan Sultan Iskandar. That was a double bonus from you!

  2. You are welcome Ipohgal... :-)

    Yes, I like to use the name Hugh Low Street because this is the first town street name I learned & I had spent quite some time along the street during my primary school time. Yet, many Ipoh Chinese citizen of my generation & elder, even some younger generation still call it "Yao Loh Kai" (Hugh Low Street in Cantonese). It is not only a street name but a memory to many of us about the old time glorious of this city.

  3. Hi again Chun Kee,

    I agreed completely with you why the mere mention of 'Yao Loh Kai' can bring back so many fond memories of this charming town.

    Yes, my parents used to teach me this when I was a little girl, "Where are you staying? Yao Loh Kai!"

    So, long live Hugh Low Street @ Yao Loh Kai!

  4. Yes, Ipohgal. And i believe many would agree with us too. :-)


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