Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53rd Independence Day of Malaysia

Malaysia is celebrating the 53rd Independence Day today. There are national & state flags everywhere in the city as the simplest decoration of this special day. A reviewing stand used to be built in front of Town Hall for the parade but it is not held this year. It is only decorated with flags surrounding it & the city remained like an usual public holiday without special celebration events.

Although the nation has achieved tremendous growth in economy since the last two decades, but humanity advancement was not being focused. The society is currently highly individualistic, materialistic & profit oriented. Achievement is measured mainly in wealth & majority of the people are hungering for monetary satisfaction. Morality & humanity is being neglected; any attempts to increase wealth either legal or illegal are coming to people's mind. Therefore robbery, burglary & other criminal cases are increasing. I hope all citizens will make a change in mind. Material isn't everything, spiritual satisfaction should be emphasized & achieved by creating harmony, caring & tolerating society. Tomorrow is a result of today, with love & care to people, to all creatures and to mother nature, the future will be a better world. "All for One, One for All."

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