Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heavy Smoker

I believe there was a heavy smoker either having his breakfast or tea break at this table. Well, this is still a bad habit of most Malaysian, littering. Also, according to my observation, number of smoker is increasing, moreover many are youngster & ladies. Perphaps they believe smoking is trendy, which I totally not agree & not encourage.


  1. Chun Kee, I think the latest step taken by the govt to reduce smoking, i.e. to print the horrifying pictures on the cigarettes packets does not work.

    I can still see many people, esp youngsters and ladies smoking. It is very irritating to have a smoker puffying away at the table next to yours at the eating places.

    The message should start from home. If parents do not smoke or have quitted, it will be a more positive step to reduce smoking among the younger generation. Show leadership by example, I think, will give better result instead of showing frightening pictures.

  2. I agree with u Ipohgal. Many policies did not implemented with sufficient study & survey. Most are just being executed for the sake of showing they are doing job. Indeed the society is also changing face where morality is lacking nowadays


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