Thursday, August 5, 2010

Appreciate It, Leave It or Forget About It

This is a common scene in Ipoh downtown; building in use, building abandoned & building gone. There are owners in town having their properties well-maintained although it's over 70 years old. However, there are many more have no interest to keep their properties in proper manner, or even simply tear it down. With lack of economic value, some of these shops are probably a burden for the owners to maintain the structure. Perphaps some of them already migrated to places with better opportunities and too busy to return for taking care of the shop. Due to the off-track economic grow in the past 25 years, Ipoh has lost few generations under the empty promises of politician. So many families has their youngster away from hometown. It is not surprise if you find, nationwide or even worldwide, many people are Ipoh originated.


  1. It was a pity to see so many of these pre war buildings in Ipoh left in such dilapitated conditions.

    Blame it on the owners. Blame it on the authorities. The owners for not appreciating what gems they have on their laps. The authorities for failing to revive the ailing economy of this town.

    In the end, Ipoh was left as a dead town, especially at night. It was not as robust as other historical cities like Penang and Malacca.

    I remembered Ipoh town, both old and new, was once very lively with lots of activities both day and night. Now, it was abandoned and the nearby suburban housing estates were developed instead. Just see how busy Ipoh Garden East and Bercham were at night, especially those night spots.

    This was a reversal of how things used to be in the past. The town was quiet while the housing estates were busy. A sad trend indeed.

  2. Yes, the trend is unhealthy, suburban become more focused. I am thinking while hanging around downtown at night, this phenomena is a result of ppl migrating away from city center because the living environment is out of date or poor/congested/dirty/inconvenience. I am thinking if a kind of society or business group would come out the idea or project to restore/upgrade/revamp the upper floor of downtown shops & make the interior a modern living environment (like apartment or townhouse), improve the security & parking system in order to attarct small family/singles to stay in downtown. Once population remained, i believe the commercial activities will resurrect.

  3. Yes Chun Kee, the idea of attracting people to come and stay again in town would be a good one.

    I myself grew up in new town and it was a wonderful experience. Everything was so convenient. The market, the shops, the clinic, the school and cinemas were just a few steps away.

    Now, people just liked to stay in residential estates where you can find the same amenities too.

    The empty downtown shops were now occupied by foreign immigrants who works as cheap labourers, I suppose.

    A reader at Ipohworld informed me that my former home at 188 Hugh Low Street was now taken up by a butch of mamak and Bangla workers! How sad. What used to be a spacious and comfortable home to my family was now a worker's quarter.


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