Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reflection of Sunset

It was raining for more than two hours in the afternoon. The heavy rain has created some little swallow ponds at the field. It reflects the beautiful color of sunset.


  1. Thank you for considering us a "Famous Housing Developer". :)

    You do indeed take good photographs.

    We added an entry into our Facebook page to highlight your portfolio.!/pages/Ipoh-Malaysia/Klebang-Ria/208063338045?v=wall

  2. Yes, Namcom makes nice houses. I am quite looking forward for the project Se7en.

  3. We strive to improve with each passing phase of our development.

    Construction of SE7EN has already begun and you can take a look at the progress at the SE7EN Facebook page.!/pages/Ipoh-Malaysia/Se7en-at-Tun-Dr-Ismail-Exclusive-Residences/164121840287837?v=wall

  4. Good to see the progress. If i am affortable for sure i would like to have one unit of SE7EN.... :)


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