Thursday, November 18, 2010

Center Point Landmark

There was a master development plan of Ipoh that covers up to year 2020 being published and opened for public view few months ago. As reported in the newspaper, there was a question about where exactly is the current Ipoh's city center. I am confused with this question. In my opinion, although the city boundary has expended tremendously and the most intense commercial developing area now is Ipoh Garden, but I believe the city center has not changed to most Ipohites. In fact I find this telecommunocation tower at Cockman Street is nearly the center point of downtown and it's taller than any other surrounding concrete buildings. Even though this is not a remarkable structure, but I believe it can be upgraded & beautified (especially with lighting effect) making it a landmark.


  1. I used to stay in Cockman St back in the 70s & 80s and always accompanied my parents here in the morning for the market. How time flies.....

  2. Yup, a lot of memory around Central Market, especially Super Kinta :-)

  3. Hi Chun Kee,

    I believed the old building on the left-hand side of this photo is what is left of the old market which was gutted by a fire in the early 1970s. That big fire happened one night and a big portion of the old market was completely destroyed.

  4. Oh is it? I didn't know the market was burnt before. Anyway, the market still occupied and crowded in the morning. My parents always call the empty space in front of this photo as "Western toilet" (红毛屎坑), the name is a bit indecent. I believe that was the first modern public toilet in town.


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