Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mountain of Cloud

The highest point of Titiwangsa Monutain Range, Mount Korbu, is just one of the peaks seen in this photo (I think is the one covered by clouds at right). Mount Korbu achieves height of 2,183m above sea level and is the second tallest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia. However, the lump of cloud that formed above it simply looked like another giant mountain which is more than double the height of Titiwangsa Mountains. I have seen this mountain of clouds appear on top of Titiwangsa Mountains for several times. I believe this geological backbone of Peninsula Malaysia is influencing the air flow in atmosphere and causing the formation of cumulus clouds above it.


  1. Especially good photo with the magnificent clouds and palm trees and green colors!

  2. Thank you!! The great nature always gives the best scene.


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