Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Public Buses To Be Upgraded

Some Ipohites may have noticed since several months ago there are some new air conditioned buses named "Perak Transit" (in pink color) start servicing the public for the route between Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar, which is considered as an inter-town line. Recently, there are more new Perak Transit buses in blue color running on the road occupying some intra-city routes. It seems the public transport in Ipoh will undergoing some upgrades. Hopefully this does not end up in similar fate as the previous Citybus (about 13 years ago), where air-conditioned buses did not grow further to replace all aging buses, instead slowly downgraded to non air-con and most of it eventually missing in action. However, these 30-year old monsters are surprisingly still running on the road. We can see these old buses are lining up at Hugh Low Street carrying passengers to every corner of the city.


  1. Greetings.
    A good public transport is important in any city. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Thank you Carlos!!
    Yes, that's one of the reason why Ipoh's vehicle is increasing tremendously because public transport system is not good. Anyway, with new Perak Transit buses, hope situation will improved. I will snap some photos of the new buses for sharing....

  3. I see them around too, but how do we know more about these buses? There are no official information about routes etc.

  4. Yes, u are right. I believe many Ipohite feel shameful about the city's public transport system (including taxi). After so many years not taking bus service, I have no idea of the routes nowadays, but i think it is a mess. A major restructuring is urgently needed, or else Ipoh will be packed by more & more cars.


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