Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful View on The Valley

It is undoubtedly the view from Klebang Hill (some called it Menglembu Hill, 万里望山) is the best location to overlook the entire city of Ipoh. You can enjoy a great scene of sun rising at dawn, or a clear view of the city during sun set. Unlike the previous photos of hazy valley that was taken in June 2012, today is a nice sunny day for capturing the detail of the city's man made structures but I just miss the beautiful Titiwangsa Range at background due to the cloudy condition.


  1. Replies
    1. MH Hotel is seen in top left corner of 3rd photo

  2. Please allow me to share one of your picture (the first picture), it is really beautiful and I wanted to share to the world about this gorgeous picture by you. Thank you for sharing this photo out!!

    1. Sure, it's my pleasure for you to share the photo. Thank you very much for your support :)

  3. Can we, by this imageofipoh community, persuade the relevant authority to open a permanent Lat museum or Lat cafe. Johor have one Lat cafe where it should be more meaningful if it is in Ipoh. I can ask my old friend who knew japanese language to promote it to the Japanese if this thing materialized. They are fond of Lat and do not mind travelling to Ipoh to visit it.


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