Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hazy Valley

It has been warm days for more than 2 weeks. Atmosphere of Kinta Valley is so hazy & polluted. From Kledang Hill, view on Ipoh city is so blur until the Titiwangsa Range at background faded from sight. Anyway, high rise buildings in city center & AEON Station 18 at Pengkalan (second photo) are still recognizable. Everyone is complaining the hot weather recently & the hope of downpour to wash away heat & haze must be the common wish of Ipoh citizen, but weather forecast seems not that optimistic where the current situation will probably prolonged to August.


  1. Is that SMI in the second pic?

  2. Hi Chris, that's not SMI. I believe you are referring to one of the clearest building at lower center. I am not really sure what building is that, but from the direction I took this photo (towards Pengkalan) & by looking at surrounding structures, I believe this could be a school in Bukit Merah new village.


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