Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Lake in Gunung Lang

Limestone hill is a natural treasure of Ipoh. It not only supports the cement industry but also provides beautiful scenery as tourism spot. The best known places must be cave temples, such as Perak Cave & Sam Poh Tong, that have been established for more than half a century. The latest developed spot should be Gunung Lang Recreation Park. It's entrance is just few hundred meters from Northern Ipoh exit of North-South Expressway (and you may find the great sign IPOH is just on top of the hill at entrance). After driving about a kilometer, passing by a temple called Dragon Head Rock, the recreation park appears on the right. There is a beautiful lake surrounded by limestome hills. There are more features at the other side of the lake, including an observation tower. Admission to the park is free but it charges reasonable fee for crossing the lake by boat. This is a very nice place for the citizen to enjoy refreshing air and relaxing atmosphere in this beautiful environment. Publicity of the park is still not effective as I find even some Ipoh citizens are not aware of this place. Hopefully it will be made known nationwide, or even worldwide so there will be more people able to enjoy their visit to this beautiful park.

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