Sunday, February 15, 2009

Closer View to IPOH

Well, it’s the same thing I snap, just because I did not go many places today. As usual, on my way home along Kuala Kangsar Road, I got a closer look on the letter blocks. I am wondering will there be a similar one built at the southern gateway to Ipoh. Probably at Gopeng Road, the hilltop that previously stood the mighty Mercedes Benz logo is a good location. With only four roman characters, I think Ipoh is the least costly city to have one more…haha


  1. when i drove along highway inbetween jelapang and ipoh utara, i just wonder when and how this letter block stood up far high on the lime stone hills. so u're just the lucky one to saw such "historic" moment. the first time i came to ipoh 13 years ago, the mercedez logo stood up mighty on the sam poh tong lime stone hill side. And it is no more now over there. But the good thing is now i just live near here at taman taufik to see every moment of Ipoh town development. I love this town very much.


  2. Yup, I was quite lucky that the installation work was carried out when I was driving home in the afternoon. In fact some ground work had been started few days before and it had caught my attention wondering what would be done on the hilltop.


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