Friday, August 20, 2010

Market Lane

Panglima Lane that also known as Second Concubine Lane is a famous heritage street in Ipoh. In fact there are three lanes in this part of Old Town carrying the name as First, Second & Third Concubine Lane. These are the narrow alleys in between the three major streets, Market Street, Panglima Street & Hale Street. Therefore they are named accordingly as Market Lane, Panglima Lane & Hale Lane. Among these, I think Market Lane is the only one we can drive our car through. Although majority of the units also remain the original appearance, unlike Panglima Lane, most of the residents here have migrated & I can hardly see people moving along the alley.


  1. Hi Chun Kee,

    What a pity the people who once stayed here had migrated away, leaving these beautiful heritage buildings empty. Such a waste.

    If only I owned just one of these shops, I would do some touch up to it and move in with my family to relish the good old days of living in the town again! Just wishful thinking.

    In Malacca, the Baba and Nyonya shop houses along Jonker Street were well preserved. They were turned into museums, antique shops and restaurants, catering to tourists from far and near.

    In Singapore, many heritage buildings were turned into offices and boutiques.

    Do you think the same could be done for these shop houses in Ipoh's Market Lane? Anyhow, I think the biggest problem for Ipoh is the lack of foreign tourists and the local authorities are not aggresive enough to promote Ipoh as a heritage city like what they are doing for Penang and Malacca.

  2. Thanks, Sundra!!

    I totally agree with u, Ipohgal. We have this existing treasure but being neglected. I think it's because of the low economic value & the change of living style. Hopefully some day its value would finally being appreciated, making it an attractive commercial-residential properties & regain its charm


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