Saturday, April 7, 2012

City Skyline from "Ocean"

I am all the while trying to look for more locations for snapping the great view of Ipoh city skyline. I have tried it on Kinta Heights, Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh Parade, Klebang Hill & etc. Today when I pass by The Store Supermarket, I find out the multi-storey car park is, in fact, free of charge. And this is the highest car park (11 storeys) in Ipoh which Ipoh citizen normally known it as "Ocean" because it was initially constructed for the Ocean Supermarket. I realized I just find a new location for photographing. However, due to the poor maintenance, I only able to drive to its 5th floor & have to walk all the way up to the top floor. Finally there are many photos captured mainly towards the direction of east, south & west from city center. Also 2 video clips are attached for the view of Ipoh in motion.

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