Monday, December 20, 2010

New Occupant for The Oriental Hotel

As I have shared in 15-May-2009, this building, which used to be The Oriental Hotel had changed its owner several times. Some Ipohites at age of 30's to 40's must remember very well the fast food restaurant, Grandy's, that was operating here during 1980's. The last I know was an electrical goods chain store operating here. Today I see the building is under renovation.

From the banner, I believe it will be specialized in retailing a well-known brand of electrical product. Anyway, I can still read the embossed characters on the wall telling us the original identity of this building.

Another unique and must preserve part of the building shall be this picture of globe at the main entrance. I read this pattern as a symbol of the hotel to welcome their guesses that came from around the world. It displays a typical floor finishing style of mid 20th century. If the renovation work is going to remove this picture, it would be another lost of Ipoh's heritage.

One more thing I must mention here is the famous roof top garden in the past. Although I have never seen the garden but I read it from some books. And I am quite sure that the hotel was proud about this hanging garden because I can read the Chinese characters at the roof of two sides of the building. Well, I just try my best to direct translate it, the right side "花鸟有趣" means "fun of flowers & birds", while the left side "风月无边" means "moon & wind with no boundries". This should be the feeling of someone who could enjoy bird singing in the flowery garden while cool breeze blowing under the moonlight.

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