Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thian Hou Temple 60th Anniversary

Thian Hou Kong (天后宫) or Thian Hou Temple is one of the oldest Chinese temples in town. It is celebrating its 60th anniversary today, according to the lunar calender. The temple has gone through renovation works some time ago and it appears in good shape nowadays. I used to visit Thian Hou Kong because my grandmother liked to watch the Teochew opera (潮剧) very much. The opera would showed at the wooden stage on the right side of temple during birthday celebration of God of Thian Hou. The stage has been upgraded to a concrete structure but opera performance has ceased for many years.
But one thing that is not changed, the main entrance gate and the metal arch standing on two posts that written with couplet. On one of the gates, I find a common trick in couplet where first character of each sentence would form another meaningful word, in this case, the name of Thian Hou (天后).

Apart from the stone guarding lion (shared in 20-May-2010), I am also impressed by the nicely sculptured front guarding fence instead of ordinary iron bars. Perphaps many Ipohites do not aware of the existance of Thian Hou Kong because it is not as well known as other greater temples. However, I am grateful about the effort of person-in-charge to maintain the temple in good manner and keeping this 60 year-old sacred place neat & tidy.

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