Friday, December 17, 2010

Classic Art

Some common things that were used daily in the past have become something special nowadays. In the process of modernization, most Chinese tend to seek for simpler and more convenience solutions that lead to lost of many traditional practices. Some classic products & traditional costume were also left behind. It was even considered outdated where someone would feel shameful for using traditional stuff. Luckily the consciousness of preserving tradition is gradually recovering. Anyway, the traditional items are no longer popular like in the old days. It can only be found at some specialized shops. I found this place in Anderson Road, so called "Classic Art", is offering tradition stuff mainly for wedding. It also provides training or course for those who interested to become Chinese wedding coordinator (known as "dai kum jay" in Cantonese, 大扲姐). Well, I believe with creativity, we can find the balance point for integrating tradition elements into modern daily life in order to keep the beauty part of old time lifestyle.

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