Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At One End Of Leech Street

When driving from Old Town to New Town on Brewster Road, the first and only junction before crossing Brewster Bridge is Leech Street (Jalan Bandar Timah). If turn right into it, there is a short session between Brewster Road and Hale Street. On both sides over here, there are two shops which actually facing Hale Street, having identical design but different fate nowadays. One is just having its renovation done whereas another remained in poor condition. The better shop was once occupied by a famous photo shop, Kok Kin, which has moved three blocks south to Hugh Low Street (appeared in post dated 18-July-2010). It later became a fun pub but eventually closed down. The shop was undergoing renovation and is now vacant pending for new occupant. The poorer shop is occupied by a local traditional advertising firm. There was a film shooting here around mid of this year but I have no idea what is the product; movie, drama or advertisement? As for the upper floor, it is most probably vacant by seeing some windows are missing and only covered by metal plates. Again, I am wondering how the owner is not interested to restore the building just like its neighbour. But on another point of view, it may simply lack of commercial value to be further invested by benchmarking the neighbour, renovated but still vacant.

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