Monday, December 13, 2010

A&W Returns

After retreated from Ipoh for many years, A&W is back in town. However, instead of return to the city center, it chooses to open in Tesco Station 18, Pengkalan. I am sure many middle-aged Ipohites remember the only A&W in Ipoh about 25 years ago was located opposite to Cathay Cinema, Cockman Street. If I am not mistaken, it's the first fast food restaurant in Ipoh. Then later Kentucky Fried Chicken opened at the neighbouring block and lasts until today. I don't even know when exactly the Cockman Street A&W closed down. Indeed, after KFC & McDonald's start conquering Ipoh's market, I hardly heard anyone mentioning about A&W. What we have lost & regained is always treasurable. So, today I come to the new A&W in Station 18, and the first thing I think about to have is Rootbeer float.... :-)

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