Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little Town Lahat

Lahat, a little town at south-west of Ipoh, is at the boundary of Ipoh City Council's territory. The trunk road connecting Ipoh with the south-west corridor (Seri Iskandar, Sitiawan & Lumut) does not cross the heart of Lahat town but passing by few yards away. Just like many others, I used to see the town when driving through but never get into the town. Today I pay a visit to Lahat for the first time. There is nothing much but just two rows of shophouses at the main street and some scattered houses surrounding it. Although the buildings are quite old but most are still occupied, both ground floor & upper floor. This is not seen anymore in Ipoh and I feel like reaching here through a time machine.
A community hall or assembly hall is a typical infrastructure of a settlement during the British colonial era. This Lahat Assembly Hall established since 1955 has gone through more than half a century. As seen from the renovated building structure, I believe it is still playing an active role to be a gathering place for local residents during special occasions.
Modern technologies have brought people closer. The way of communication also has changed a lot; from conventional mailing to electronic messaging. Moreover, the convenience of travelling with better transportation & road network, many people do not rely on local post service anymore. The result is the closure of some post offices in small town. Lahat post office has been stopped from operation since 2004. The building did not converted for other purposes but simply abandoned and ends up in today's poor condition. Amazingly, the notice board in front of the building doesn't looked old. If not reading the date of notice, I was thinking this post office was closed not too long ago.

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