Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad Habit of Littering

"Do Not Litter (Beautiful Environment Is Our Mutual Responsibility)". Well, signboard like this is very common in our society. There are more out there written in harsh sentences, including warning of fine for littering. Somehow, this bad habit is not eliminated, indeed getting worse. I have seen, not once but many times, people purposely came to a bridge and throw a bagful of garbage into the river. I was wondering, since he could come to the bridge, why not he dump it at the garbage bin. Throwing rubbish everywhere is just part of the life of most Malaysian, especially when more & more packaging material is used nowadays. Plastic & polyfoam containers, wrapping film, cardboard boxes, aluminium can, cigarette boxes, plastic bottle and many more, are seen everywhere on the street and corridor. If one would claim Malaysian are living in a civilized society, I would deny it as majority of us can't even keep the simplest good habit of a civilized citizen.

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