Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Modern Photo Studio Still Modern?

Almost all surviving old photo studios in Ipoh have been modernized to suit the current trend and demand, not only photographic equipment but also the appearance & services. Among those, I am sure most Ipoh citizen can name Chan Sam Lock (陈三乐) and Kok Kin (国建). Nevertheless, I still find exceptional case like this old shop in Market Street, Old Town. Anyway, it's core business might have been diverted other than photography as I see the present advertisement and product at the display window is printing & photocopying cartridge.

However, there is still an old photo, which probably taken in 1960's~70's, maintained in the display window. I am quite sure this must be a photo to promote its studio during the old days. There are some typical background items that were popular at that time, such as the curtain, staircase and the big wedding cake. I really appreciate the owner's effort to maintain the original exterior of this studio, including the signboard, wall tiles, iron gate, text on the pillar and of course, this black-&-white photo.


  1. Yes, it's in Old Town, the north block along Market Street, between Leech Street & Belfield Street.


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