Monday, March 28, 2011

Royal Ipoh Club Occupies Lau Pak Khuan Mansion

When talk about Royal Ipoh Club, for sure we will think of the heritage club house at Club Road (Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab). And when mention Coliseum Club, one will automatically remember the mansion at Datoh Road, but the club had abandoned the building for some years. Now these names may have a link where Royal Ipoh Club will occupy this building as sports annex. Some renovation works have began since last year but only recently the name of Royal Ipoh Club is fixed on the building. The original owner of this mansion was Lau Pak Khuan (刘伯群), a well known Chinese (Cantonese) leader in Malaysia. However, the renovation work is a disaster that destroy the beauty of this heritage building. It was built in the style of typical mid-20th century Southeast Asia mansion but is sad to see modern modifications had seriously damaged its beauty. The original roof that featured tradition Chinese architecture had been demolished while the replacement is totally a disappointing piece. You can see the comparison from the blog of Ipoh World by clicking the above links. This is just another case of spoiling heritage mansions & villas around Ipoh which previously owned by local millionaires.


  1. Royal Ipoh Club and Ipoh City Council are equally disgusting! For the club's over-the-top branding and Council's approval of the redevelopment both being disrespectful to significant architecture. Embracing one particular Ipoh culture doesn't mean that we have to lose another!

  2. City of Grace, Glorious and Harmony - true, in the past and not now. Look at how they have destroyed the million years old mountain! What about those old buildings in the city? Demolished ... The train station was left un-furbished ... Total disgrace!


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