Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old Fire Bridgate

This double storey building at Brewster Road was the Kinta Fire Brigade since 1936. It was relocated to the site beside MBI Sports Complex at Simee in 1992 & the building was declared as heritage building by the government. In 1998, the building was renovated & occupied by Maju Perak Development, a government linked company.

Anyway, most of us may not aware that the building was not double storey originally but I have no idea when it was extended. As found from several articles, the central fire station was established in 1913, after the great fire of Ipoh in 1892 and the big blaze of Papan in 1911. And then a double-storey Kinta Fire Brigade was built. So, could this single storey fire station the one established in 1913 which later extended vertically in 1936?

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