Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fraser & Neave Was Here

This must be a familiar logo to many elder citizens. But I believe it is not difficult for youngsters to tell what it is, by looking at the letter F and N. Yes, that's it, "F&N", Fraser & Neave, the best known soft drink name to us. Local Chinese in the past liked to call soft drink "Holland drink" (荷兰水). Sounds funny, right? Not only soft drink but many items that came from the western world is named with "Holland", I did not investigate the reason but probably it's due to the colonization of some Malayan states by Holland in 16th~17th century. F&N was also known as "Lion brand" by locals. Well, the reason is simple & straight forward, it's taken from the F&N logo. I can still see in old coffee shop, Sun Yoon Loong, a mirror hung beside the side entrance is drawn with a lion logo of F&N written with Chinese words "Lion brand tangerine drink". Back to talk about this building, it is just at the entrance to Conolly Road (Jalan Tun Perak) from Kidd Road. I am not sure what F&N used it for in the past but it's no longer occupied by them as they have moved to the other end of Conolly Road (facing Lahat Road flyover). Anyway, I hope this can be consider as one of the historical building in Ipoh and will be given proper maintenance & preservation.

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