Friday, March 11, 2011

The Disappeared Laundry

So many times I passed by here but not knowing the remaining pillar of an old shophouse is still "attached" to the Maju UMNO building. The Maju UMNO building is built on partial of Children's Playground (Taman Kanak-Kanak, in Chinese it is called 小儿运动场). It was probably the only park in the center of the Ipoh during the early years of New Town. I have no idea how this political party can hijack this piece of public land and I do not want to raise my criticism here. Anyway, based on the above information, it makes me believe the shophouse adjacent was the first unit right beside the playground, before this 10-storey building exists. Today, those shophouses are no longer there but left only the corner unit that is facing the cross road of Brewster Road and Anderson Road, which is under very sad condition. It is definitely worse than the time I shared its image on 2-May-2009 and it is reported in recent newspaper that some falling roof tiles had hurt pedestrian. I am worrying but without able to do anything, it will be demolished soon. By then, this pillar, which is written "dry clean & dyeing", is the only piece remained. So, the demolished shop was a laundry. And from the second photo of this post in Ipoh World, we can see the original scene of Children's Playground and the image of this disappeared laundry.

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