Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finally, Poi Lam Coming To Sri Klebang

To establish or to move a Chinese primary school in Malaysia nowadays is kind of mission impossible. Anyway, there were very few lucky cases where some schools allowed to move to new site. Most of the cases are moving from low to high population area. However, for the case of Poi Lam Primary School (培南小学), it is moving due to limited space of existing site at Douglas Road which it shares with Poi Lam Secondary School. Today is a milestone for Poi Lam because the ground breaking ceremony of the primary school new site & building in Sri Klebang New Town (about 12km away from Douglas Road) is held this morning. After years of planning and fund raising from the public, Poi Lam finally realizes the dream to continue its mission in a better environment & the school is expected to move in by 2012.


  1. Are you a Poi Lam alumni? It is my primary school and I like high density urban living so I love the current site very much. I used to sneak out of the Saturday curriculum drawing class and 'lepak' in Yik Fong and Kinta. I will miss it very much.

  2. Nop i am from Yuk Choy, both primary & secondary :-) But my dad was teaching in Poi Lam Primary School until his retirement in 1989.

  3. I was from Poi Lam Primary school, I often went back to visit my teachers in Poi Lam school. I miss the teachers there but mostly passed away as I'm 62 this years. Chegu Ghazali bin Ayob retired in 1992. Hope he has a wonderful life with his wife and children.
    An other English teacher "Mr. Chin", he taught us good English and he often asked us not to disgrace him with horrible Chinese school type of funny English. A Big Thanks to him.

  4. 我是胡美伦,小学的学生之一. Any one was my classmate from 1956 to 1971 I think.


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