Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Got Two Town Halls Tonight

It was heavily rained in the evening. I believe the downpour swept over the entire Ipoh city and it lasted until after 9pm. However, the sky remained cloudy and I couldn't see the clear supermoon tonight. Yes, supermoon appeared tonight where Moon's distance is closest to Earth since its last approach in March 1993 which was 18 years ago. It is said the moon would be seen 14% larger & 30% brighter than normal. Anyway, I just couldn't tell whether I observed the same from the cloudy sky. While looking at the blur image of supermoon, I found an amazing image of Town Hall on the accumulated water at Railway Station garden walkway. Since I was not able to capture the image of moon (not because of the weather but the limited capability of my camera), I took this image of two Town Halls for tonight's sharing.

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