Friday, March 25, 2011

The First KFC In Ipoh?

KFC is seen at almost every session in Ipoh nowadays; Silibin, Menglembu, 1st Curve, Pasir Puteh, Ipoh Garden, Gunung Rapat, Bercham, etc. But the most familiar to many Ipoh people (I mean those at the age of 30's and 40's....haha) is this one at Cockman Street. I am sure many would remember how lucky & luxury to have meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken (at those days, it's not yet called KFC). Only during special days, especially birthday, we would be able to enjoy the fried chicken over here. And this is not only the place we enjoyed food but also the favorite place for part time work during year end school holiday, especially those who had just completed the SPM or STPM examination.

This KFC is located strategically at the previous hottest spot of Cockman Street, which is surrounded by hotel, restaurant, cinema and all kind of shops. Anyway, I am not sure when was this restaurant established & was it the first KFC in Ipoh?. May be someone could enlighten me.


  1. Yes, I lived in Cockman Street ever since I was born..many years ago!! That time no KFC yet.. only Cathay and Lido cinema.. forgotten what the shops were before KFC...

    1. KFC sits on a previous coffee shop known as Chu San Coffee shop operated by my late grandmother, Madam Wong Yoon Ying during the era of late 60s to mid 70s. We have had the most popular food stall around town then, char kuey tiau, shreded chicken kuey tiau soup make famous by this stall, rojak buah and sotong kankong and famous wanton mee.

  2. Thanks Reana. It could be there since early 1980's as I remember it already existed when I was at primary school standard 6 in 1986.

  3. Hi Chun Kee I dont think this was the first KFC in Ipoh. The first was propably somewhere along Jalan Kampar and near the current AIA building.

  4. Hi Ian, is it? I know there is a KFC opposite AIA Kampar Road (near MGS). Looks like I need to do more detail survey to find the correct answer. Thanks :)

  5. The first Kentucky fried chicken outlet in Ipoh was the one in Chamberlain Road, off Jalan Kampar (opposite Methodist Girls School MGS) if I'm not mistaken.

    This KFC on cockman street started of at the rented shophouse besides the former French Hotel. I remember having my first finger licking good chicken with my two Anderson school buddies at this location. They got bigger over a short period of time and hence moved to this present premise, which is opposite the LIDO cinema.

    That Lido & Cathay cinemas (a block further down the road) were young Ipohites favourite haunts for Hollywood movies...from James Bond to Saturday Night Fever to Star Wars and JAWS.
    Such memories. Too bad it's now become a chinese restaurant. :(

    Btw, does anyone have a picture of the once famous old building that used to host the Trench Disco on Anderson road ?? If you do, please post it here, so everyone can compare the beauty of that vintage building with the new ones that we have now in it's replacement (summer paradise nightclub??). :/


  6. Oh, now I have to refresh my understanding that 1st KFC is the one at Chamberlain Road. Buy sadly to say that outlet is closed, don't know since when.

    And unfortunately, I have no photo capture on the said building of Trench Disco. Before it's replaced by Summer Paradise, the building was only a furniture gallery, which was in a sad condition, like many of the old cinema buildings now.

  7. This is the KFC that full of my childhood memories~

  8. Hi there...stumbled upon your blog just now. You are doing a great job taking photos of Ipoh, my beloved hometown. At least we know how the buildings look like before they are gone :) As for the KFC, I think the first one is at the AIA building. The 2nd one in town used to be just next to the French Hotel on Cockman street. It was a small KFC and we only got to go there once a year, on our birthday :)

    Mommy to Chumsy

  9. Notice the French Hotel building under construction in the background ? Passed along there the other day...the refurbished building is almost ready. Turned out quite ok. I think they should revive a "Le rendesvous" cafe somewhere there. The original at Eastern Hotel has been changed to "La Brasserie" it seems...with the vintage stained glass windows all gone ! Same thing with "Miners Arm" steakhouse in old town. All these new owners just don't know how to appreciate anything vintage do they ? So sad. :(

  10. if i was not mistaken the first KFC is actually next to the Lido building also in cockman street. the building in the pic is moved there. at that time it was kentucky fried chicken. used to bug mom and dad to go there. the mcdonalds was not even opened yet across super kinta.


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