Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Intertown Bus

Ipoh public transport has not been upgraded for decades. After years of talking, finally we see some realistic changes. The existing city public transport companies join venture to run a combined service, so called Perak Transit. The process of transforming Ipoh buses from old to new will be carried out in phases. The first batch of new bus appear in pink color start runing on the road few months ago serving intertown routes. Hopefully the transformation will be conducted successfully to provide citizen of Ipoh a comfortable & safe ride.


  1. it has been way too long.. the buses need SERIOUS upgrades.. and should start getting into residential areas that are looking fwd for public transport.. some say that there is no market for it.. believe me, MANY do NEED it..
    thanks for sharing this post :)

  2. You are welcome, Kalai :)
    There are some new buses replacing old buses on the road nowadays. Although not many but hopefully it's a good start. Anyway, as u mentioned, the service should be extended to a wider area because many do need the service & it will reduce the traffic load in the city. A proper planning is crucial, not only building a big bus station or replace new buses can improve the situation but smart thinking on efficient management is much more improtant to maintain a good public transport system.

  3. i remember the "pekan" non air con omnibus.. hop on for like 40 sen and just say pekan to anywhere along the route to medan kidd hahaa... used to cheat the conductor anyway.. for a flat 40 sen to anywhere..

  4. Haha, i never did this before. Anyway, when doing some housekeeping at home few weeks ago, i found my collection of bus ticket is still here & bringing me back in the past :)


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