Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Proper Way of Complaining?

I was going to take breakfast in Old Town this morning. When I drove into Lahat Road, I found something unusual along the street. There are notices with photo of Perak's Chief Minister on it and written with some sentences pasted on the pillar of shophouses. I was really curious and decided to find out the answer after parking at nearby. When I approached to read the notice, it is written in three languages that appear to be a complaint from the people of a particular settlement regarding land ownership problem. It seems the residents are not happy with the way of government handling this issue by transferring the case among several departments without a conclusion. Anyway, I believe the notices would be removed by local authorities very soon. There would be no absolute answer of whether this is a proper way to make a complaint, but somehow a group of people are really caught in frustration. Hope the issue can be resolved in peace.

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