Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Duck Lamp" Traditional Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is one of the Chinese traditions that still commonly seen in Ipoh nowadays. It is said to help discharge body toxic and enhance immunity. During the early days of Ipoh's establishment, there was not any proper medication services & facilities. Chinese that migrated here mainly for tin mining had to work in tropical climate and often fell sick under this unusual environment. They believed human body accumulated "inner heat" in this warm & humid atmosphere and herbal tea should be a way to tackle it. At present, diluted herbal tea is very common in coffee shops & restaurants served as normal drink with insignificant medication effect. Nevertheless, specialized herbal tea stalls are also available in town. They are offering medication herbal tea and have been operating for generations. This stall is occupying a small portion at the rear part of shophouse. It used to be a little stall on Osbourne Street selling medical herbal tea at night with a small lamp called "duck lamp" (鸭仔灯). After it moved in to the shop, it still carry the name of "Duck Lamp Herbal Tea". My parents were staying inside this shop when they were young (well, they gotta know each other here :-) .......). Perhaps for ths reason, during my childhood time, we used to come here for food & I still remember people called the herbal tea stall owner "four-eye-boy" (boy wearing spectacles, 四眼仔). An antique "duck lamp" is still kept in the stall and the present owner (probably 2nd generation) is also wearing spectacles :-)

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