Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smallest Roundabout in Ipoh

I remember a friend of mine from Seremban commented that Ipoh has many traffic roundabouts. I did not realize until she told me such. I started to count the number of roundabouts and compared with few other cities. Then I found out the statement is quite true, although we are not the champion. The number would be greater if to include few that had been removed and converted into cross road with traffic light system (such as roundabout at Maxwell Road-Anthony Road, Tiger Lane-Tasek Road, Pasir Puteh Road-Yang Kalsom Road, etc.). Anyway, this one in Greentown is apparently the smallest in Ipoh. During rush hours, traffic from Brewster Road & Clarke Street would be always congested. Despite the little effect to smoothen traffic in this area, it does serve as a good reference point when give direction to visitors whom do not familiar with Ipoh's road.

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