Saturday, January 8, 2011

No Theater on Theater Street

The street is so called Theater Street because the first theater or cinema in New Town was loacted here. If I am not mistaken, it should be Capitol Cinema (京都戏院). The cinema is at the junction between Theater Street & Anderson Road. When driving along Anderson Road & Chamberlain Road from north to south, there are four old cinemas i.e. Ruby, Capitol, Rex & Majestic. Three of these cinema buildings still exist and all are converted into furniture gallery. However, Capitol Cinema has been disappeared from the horizon in an inferno at least 20 years ago . The site was left vacant and served as a car park for so many years. In 2010, the car park finally closed and give way to the construction of a 3 & 4-storey shop lot project. After almost a quarter century, the site is eventually welcoming a new building. Anyway, there will be no longer any trace about a theater along Theater Street. Capitol Cinema will be just a memory to the older generation & it only appeared in limited number of photos.


  1. Is there any cinema around Anderson Road?
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  2. Yes, there were 3 on Anderson Road, Ruby, Capitol & Rex. Whereas Majestic was on Chamberlain Road.


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